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It is your choice to continue drinking but if you have decided to stop, you have come to the right place. By completing these exercises you will learn the alcoholism rehab skills necessary to stay sober, but you need to work all of them to maintain your sobriety. We have learned that the more people do the better they recover.

The illness of alcohol addiction is not you, it is an illness that lives inside of you. An addicts brain is a changed brain. You are not bad; the illness is bad. You will find that this illness has a mind of it's own and it will struggle for survival. It will do everything it it's power to get you off track and get you back to addictive behavior. The illness is cunning, baffling, and powerful. It often works out of your awareness, and you must use healthy thoughts and behaviors to stay in recovery.

Alcoholism is a chronic brain disease. The brain has been hijacked by an illness. You must be disciplined and fight for your life. Ninety-five percent of non-treated alcoholics did of their addiction and average of 26 years earlier than they would otherwise. You are in a life and death struggle, and the war is played out in your mind, body, and spirit.

There are three things that you can do that will bring the illness under control. These new behaviors may seem unnatural for you at first, but you must do them all. If you leave one of the tools out, your chances of recovery significantly decrease.

Let's briefly go over the tools so that you can begin to understand them. You have to do three things to stay sober: (1) get honest, (2) go to 12-step meetings, and (3) get on a spiritual journey to the Higher Power of your own understanding.

You can be proud of yourself because now you are doing something right. If you are an addict, for a long time, you have been living a life full of pain and lies. Now you will step out in truth to help others and yourself.

Print out and work through the exercises on this website and work the program. Read the other books and materials for more information and skills. If you are unable to stay sober on your own, you are going to need some kind of treatment. If this happens, call us at 800-992-1921 for a free assessment. We will make sure that you get into the treatment that you need at a price you can afford.

Alcoholism Treatment Video: Getting Through Acute Withdrawal

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Alcoholism Treatment Video: Twenty Questions About Alcohol Abuse

Alcoholism Treatment Video: Don't worry you can't afford treatment

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amazon_imageamazon_assoc_imageChemical Dependency Counseling: A Practical Guide, Fourth Edition This best selling book is used by most treatment centers to treat addiction. It will tell you everything you need to know about treating addictive disorders. Plus it includes all of the tests and exercises for clients that will satisfy accrediting bodies.


Treating Alcoholism: Helping Your Clients Find the Road to Recovery:Everything you need to know to help someone with an alcohol or drug problem.

amazon_imageamazon_assoc_imageThe Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Client Workbook, Second Edition:All of the exercises a client needs to develop a stable recovery program. Used in most treatment settings as the treatment workbook.

amazon_imageamazon_assoc_imageThe Gambling Addiction Client Workbook, Second Edition: All of the exercises a person needs to develop a stable gambling recovery program. Used by many gambling programs as their treatment workbook.


The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous says that only God can relieve the illness of addiction. Here are a few spiritual tools to help you:

amazon_assoc_imageGod Talks To You: Second Edition: Teaches you how to hear God's voice and details the spiritual path forward. Includes spiritual tests, prophets, prayer, meditation, contemplation and how to find a spiritual friend.

amazon_imageamazon_assoc_imagePeace Will Come CD Sit back and let the words and music sink into your soul. Come back often and play the songs over and over again. You won't be sorry. God will teach you many things you need to know.

amazon_imageamazon_assoc_imageA Communication From God: A meditation tape that will give you long communications from God. The tape takes you through two exercises where God speaks to you directly.

Addiction stops your spiritual progress.

Mystic Teton

Trevor Howard, the sheriff of Teton County Wyoming, is contemplating an explosion of cocaine addiction, four structure fires and the murder of a six-year-old boy in his jurisdiction. The boy had a wooden cross penetrating his heart indicating a possible religious connection. Trever has the idea of hiring a young woman deputy with experience in undercover narcotics investigation. Simultaneously, Doctor Abe Anderson, Trevor’s best friend, meets Heather Cutler, acting in a play as the red headed demon of seduction. Abe falls in love with her and even more with his first experience with cocaine. Trevor is usually a confident police officer but these crimes, coming all at once, leave him feeling deeply troubled. Before it’s done his whole life, friendships and family will show him how terribly he has underestimated his greatest fears.

Mystic Yellowstone

Joan Worthing has a new job as a seasonal ranger in Yellowstone National Park. She is hoping to escape a long history of physical and sexual abuse by her brother Teddy who is schizophrenic. Teddy escapes from a mental hospital and rushes to find her. He believes she must have his child who will save the world from an alien invasion. He is desperate to find Joan and save the world. Doctor Rand Holland, a psychologist in new recovery from alcoholism, becomes involved in the search for Teddy and the protection of Joan. One of Rand’s teenage patients Lela Lander runs away from home seeking help from Rand. She becomes involved with a Satanic coven in Denver run by Lonn Majors. All these characters meet in Yellowstone as the coven holds a Halloween ritual sacrifice that will bring Satan to earth for the ultimate battle between good and evil.

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